What does Hébergeur d'images offer ?

Hébergeur d'images offers you internet hosting for your images and photos. Share your files with friends or post them on your website, forum, blog etc. Our service is totally free and requires no registration.

Hosting conditions

We accept all the most common image formats: .jpg .gif .png .jpeg .bmp .tif .tiff
You can host unlimited images, provided the weight of your file does not exceed 5 MB. Your images remain online for the duration of the site.

Confidentiality of data

Hébergeur d'images is committed to sharing no files. All images uploaded on our platform remain anonymous, you are the only one with the access link. If you want to delete a hosted file, just contact us.

Hébergeur d'images reserves the right to remove any images that do not comply with the general conditions of use and to inform the competent authorities if necessary.